Donkey Makes Friends With Cats And It's The Cutest Thing

This donkey has made friends with two cats and it's the cutest thing ever. Just watch as these cats have done the unthinkable and...

What Pregnancy Really Feels Like, As Told By Cats….Hysterical

Sometimes women that are pregnant or have been pregnant before, they can't really summarize or define exactly what pregnancy is like. But, these cats...

Funny Cats and Kittens F1 Racing

It's a little silly mixing Formula One racing sounds with kittens but it's all good and fun. Yes, the sound doesn't quite sync that...

19 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids Alone With Your Cats

Have kids? Have a cat? You don't hear anything for five minutes or more? Well, then it's probably because your kids are taking advantage of the poor innocent kitty. From using them as a race track, to using them as makeup practice canvases. The choice is your kids', and it's not exactly an ideal one for your cat :)

11 Comics That Perfectly Sum Up The Wonderfully Weird Ways Of Cats

When you live with a cat you get used to their odd and peculiar ways. From the dead presents they leave at your door, to the early morning racing around the house or the obsession with boxes – these are all charming quirks to cat owners.

Russian Artist Inserts Her “Fluffy” Cat Into Iconic Paintings

Zarathustra is a fat cat who is very fond of art. His creative human, Svetlana Petrova, complements her interest by adding him to some...

9 Quirky Struggles That Cat Owners With Cat Allergies Face

Here's a scenario, you adore cats, you have a cat or cats, and suffer from cat allergies. So, what do you do? Give the cat to a new loving owner, right? Wrong! You keep the cat, because you're a crazy cat lady/man, and will deal with sneezing a thousand times a day, and blurry watery eyes every day. That my friends, is true love. If you're one of these special people, than these daily struggles should ring a bell...

19 Cats That Were You In College…Nailed It!

Do you remember the way you were in college? Or perhaps, the way you currently are in college. It's an exciting time in someone's life, but it can also come with many challenges. And, the way you go about getting over those challenges are what can either make or break your experience. What we don't realize is that cats' daily lives resemble our college lives a great deal. Take some time and observe them. You'll laugh at the similarities.

15 Cats Who Aren’t Impressed By Santa At All

Many proud pet owners, take their furry ones for pictures with Santa during the holiday season. But, as thrilled and excited as the owners are about the pictures, the cats couldn't be anymore disillusioned with it. You think trying to make your kids smile in Santa pics is impossible....just wait 'til you see these cats. Never have they disliked sitting on someone's lap so much, as they do now....their Christmas is certainly not "merry". Poor kitties :(

Life With Cats As Illustrated By Lunarbaboon (10+ Comics)

The hilarious Lunarbaboon webcomic usually focuses on the daily life of parenthood but it so happens they have also created a whole brilliant set of comics about cats and their mysterious ways.
The artist Chris Grady’s creations strike a fine balance between silly humor and touching meaningfulness.
We just know you’re going to love these

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