15 Cats Who Aren’t Afraid Of Dogs

"Come at me, I double dog dare you!" Love this funny compilation of cats letting dogs know exactly who the boss is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI_u4PiJqA8

15+ Times Cats Didn’t Want To Be In Your Selfies And The Results Are...

Cats don't own smartphones, mainly because touch screens aren't easy without opposable thumb. Could you imagine using a phone with just paws? But let's just for instance think if they did...they would probably use them to crank call dogs, ignore calls from us humans, and Google the best strategies for world domination. What they wouldn't use them for is taking selfies, because as you can see from this list of photo (un)friendly felines, cats and selfies don't mix. Some will simply refuse to smile, others will freak out, and more than a few are likely to attack you if you try to snap a picture of them. Scroll down for the proof, and remember, animals aren't toys, so don't force them to do anything that might make them uncomfortable.

15+ Times Cats Cracked Us Up

We all know the true purpose of the internet is one thing and one thing only: cat photos. Simply because cats are the funniest...

20+ What It’s Like To Live With Cats Illustrations

If you have a cat you are going to love these punny comics illustrated by Hanna Hilliam, a 27-year-old artist in San Francisco. Hanna goes through and shows you what life is really like when you own cats. Hanna's comics depict the true essence of being a modern cat lady in a funny, cute and at times a little cringe worthy but any proud cat owner could surely understand. The little daily cat struggles are just too easy to relate to so take a look and let us know your favorites. Be sure to check on her Instagram for the latest drawings.

The Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge Is Hilarious

The Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge on Twitter calls on cat owners to share their weirdest and most unphotogenic photos of their cats. Since hoomans...

15 Cats Who Nail The Realities Of Our Work Lives

These cats totally know how we feel about our work life. Oh the ups and down of just one day at the office. And, listening to your boss constantly repeat himself/herself about the same meaningless rubbish. It's so exhausting. But it's nice to know that someone out there, in this crazy world, understands and can perfectly describe our true feelings about work. Just one look at these cats, you'll crack up, because the definitely hit the nail on the head.

13 Cats Who Had Enough Hair To Create Whole Other Cat…Hilarious!

When you're cleaning up your house, have you ever wondered how so much hair can come of your tiny cat? Well, you're not alone. This is a thought that every cat owner has. Somehow, cats manage to hide a second cat under their fur. Why a second a cat, you ask? Because, the hair extra hair they have under their fur is enough to literally make another cat. Some cat owners decided to demonstrate this theory, by taking their cats' extra hair and building a second cat with it. Pretty funny stuff. Not so funny for the vacuum cleaner in that house!

15+ Hilarious Cat Memes That Are Totally Worth Looking At

Memes are funny, cats are adorable and when combined together you get cute hilarious memes that are impawsible not to laugh at! So if...

Fat Dad Cat Kept Eating More Than His Share, So His Owners Came Up...

Meet Meatball, the fat dad cat who needs a little bit of help with his manners. Recently, Meatball became a parent and when his...

30 Powerfully True and Hysterical Cat Memes

Cats. We love 'em, even though they're sneaky, their comfort overrules yours, and they don't really like to listen to you. But, those qualities are what give them character. And, what funny character they have!

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