Why It’s Better To Have a Cat Than A Baby Explained In 9 Images

Babies are cute and adorable but cats can be much more fun to live with. Having a baby is a life changing moment while...

20 Cats Who Will Show You What A True 'Cat Fight' Looks Like….Eeeek!

When two women get into a heated argument, people say, "uh oh....here comes a cat fight. When two women actually physically fight, it's known as a cat fight. After a look at these fiesty kitties, we understand why. But, we think these cats do the fighting way scarier. Look at those faces! Look at their tactics! We certainly wouldn't want to make these cats angry! Move over Mike Tyson....these cats may take over the boxing world....or WWE, we're not sure yet :)

Kitty Displays Awesome Kung Fu Moves, And It's Hilarious

Prepare to laugh as this kitty will make you smile. In this video it seems that the family kitten has found a new enemy....

20+ Proud Cat Mommas With Their Cute Little Kittens

Cats seem to have a bad reputation of being cold and uncaring at times, but even they can swell with pride and joy when they give birth to adorable kittens. These photos will show you just how proud these cat mommys are and how much love and motherhood go hand-in in the cat world as well!

15 Cats Who Aren’t Afraid Of Dogs

"Come at me, I double dog dare you!" Love this funny compilation of cats letting dogs know exactly who the boss is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI_u4PiJqA8

10 Purrfect Cat Proverbs From Different Cultures Proving That Everybody Loves Cats

Cats have truly made a huge impact on just about every culture around the world. With that said, it shouldn't come as any surprise that many cultures have proverbs just for cats.

Cats Sleeping In Weird Places

Cats and kittens look so cute and adorable when they are asleep asleep and it seems that they have the ability to sleep anywhere....

Kitten Absolutely Refuses To Let Her Human Anywhere Near Her Food

Like most cats, cute little Margo voices her concerns by meowing when she is hungry and continues to do so until her humans succumb...

20 Big Cats Who Think They're Little Cats

The only thing better than little cats are big cats! Wild cats aren't much different than your average house cat aside from the size. Cougars are the largest cats capable of purring and any cat larger communicate in their own special way. Tigers for example make sounds called 'chuffing' and if you've never heard it, it's cuteness overload. While we don't recommend going out in the wild and petting all the cats you see, these big wild cats are still playful and lovable. When it comes to boxes, toilet paper, and catnip, big cats fall for it all the same and the rule of 'if it fits, i sit' definitely still applies.

12 Cat And Dog Moms That Have Had Enough

Motherhood is certainly not easy, but for cats and dog's, it's an understatement. It's utterly exhausting for them. They don't just have 1,2, or even 3. It's loads of babies. Loads of babies sucking for milk all day. Loads of babies fighting with their siblings for their mom's attention. Wouldn't you be extremely exhausted too? Yeah, us too!

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