Cats Who Use Dogs As Pillows

Dogs and cats have always been stereotyped to be enemies. But, that's most definitely not the case for these particular doggies and kitties. These...

This Grandpa And Cat Have The Perfect Love…So Precious!

This grandpa and his cat truly have the perfect relationship. They look out for one another. They protect one another. They are more than best friends. They are family. They do everything together starting from the moment they wake up, until they fall asleep together in the same bed. True love, right there!

Cat Owner Does Smash Cake Photo Shoot, And It's So Adorable!

The Smash Cake tradition is more for human babies when they turn one. But, that didn't stop this cat momma. She hired a professional...

Twin Kitties with Same Colored Odd Eyes in These Stunning Photos

Okay, these have to be the world's most beautiful twin cats. They have angel white fur, with the most unique eyes in the world. The...

21 Reasons Why You Need A Munchkin Cat ASAP

Yes, ladies and gents....munchkin kitties are a very real thing. They have a degree of dwarfism. which gives them shortened limbs. But, they're absolutely adorable. And, although small, they're playful, adventurous, and full of energy. And, they're little faces....oh you'll melt! Why wouldn't you want one of these in your home?! Even if you're more of a dog person, one look at one of these little guys/gals, and you'll convert to the cat side for sure!

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