If you are a cat owner, it’s important to understand what makes your feline friend happy, because a happy cat is a healthy cat. While every cat is unique and have different things they like, there are certain things that cats just can’t get enough of. Here are the things that make your cat can’t get enough of:


Cats love to play, and toys will provide them lots of entertainment. There are many options you can choose to keep your cat engage, such as pointers, balls, feather and string.


Cats are affectionate animals and loves to cuddle with their favorite human. Cats often do this when they want to be spoiled or a show of affection.


Treats is very tasty that no cats can’t resist this tasty treat and go crazy for their favorite snacks. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to limit how much a cat can eat everyday so that it will not affect their health



Napping is an essential part of a cat’s daily routine. A typical can sleep for 16 hours a day, t because cats are hunter by nature they to rest and conserve energy.

5Hunting Prey

Hunting prey is a natural instinct to a cat and is something that many cats love to do. Even if they are well-fed and do not need to hunt for survival, cats will still engage in these activities. It’s important to note that letting your cat hunt in the wild can cause harm to your cat. As a cat owner, you can provide them stimulation through toys such as pointed lasers or toy mouse.



Cats love to eat for many reasons, one of it is get nutrition and energy they need. In addition to their physical needs, cats just love to eat because they have strong sense of taste and love to eat delicious food. You can also check this article related to why cats love to eat “13 Cats That Prove Cats Mean Business When It Comes To Food”


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