Why Do Cats Avoid Water? Uncovering the Causes


Many people believe that cats hate water, but have you ever stopped and consider why this might be the case? It’s not just because they are afraid of getting wet or because they don’t like the feeling of being immersed in water. In fact, the reason is from their evolution history and natural instinct as a predator.


One possible reason that cats avoid water is because they are efficient hunters on land. Cats are fast and agile on their feet, and can reach up to maximum of  48 km/h that enables them to catch prey. But in water it’s a different story, they are just not built to hunt in water and being in river or lake will make them vulnerable to other predators.


Another reason why cats hate water is they associate it with negative experiences such as being caught in a rainstorm. These experience can create a strong dislike to water and will last for a very long time.

Another possibility is that water can make their fur wet, which can be uncomfortable for a the cat. Because cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, water can interfere the process.


However, not all cats detest water. Some cats actually enjoy playing in water or even swimming. These cats may have had a very good experience with water at an early age and grow to love water, just like this cat – Kyle.

Cats hate water for a variety of reasons it may be because of their past or because it makes them uncomfortable. Regardless of the reason, It’s important as a cat owner to respect your cat’s preferences and don’t force them into uncomfortable position.




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