Brutus, The English Supermarket Store Manager Cat

Meet Brutus. He is the feline store manager of Morrison's supermarket in Saltney, England. He mostly spends his time in the pet food aisle. He assists clients in picking the right food for their pets. Should customers need more help, Brutus jumps into their carts and makes rounds with them. He takes his breaks in the baby seat of one of the shopping cats, and prefers to do so, when the sun is shining right on it. Warm and cozy is best!

18 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have A Naughty Cat

What can we say? You can't always luck out with a good kitty. Some people didn't have the luck of the draw, and ended up with a kitty that may cause more headache than joy. There are very few times these particular cats get praised, and it's easy to see why. If you have a bad kitty, than these will be all too familiar to you.

25+ of The Best Cat Tweets of 2016

What did we do to deserve cats? Doesn't matter how good or bad this year was for you these awesome cat tweets from 2016 will make it all better. Having a bad day? The answer is cats. Having a bad week? Cats. Having a bad year? Well cats can still make that better too! How you may ask? Because they're cats, and humans have kept them as pets for as far back as 9,5000 years ago. Clearly they have been providing mankind with endless entertainment for a very very long time and as you can see from this list of 2016's funniest cat tweets compiled here, they are still giving us plenty to laugh about.

Otter Meets A Bengal Cat For The Very First Time

When Sam the Bengal cat met Pip the Otter, no one would have guessed how well they would bond, after getting to know each...

Bobtail Calico Cat Has A Very Special Litter Of Kittens

Two co-workers found an abandoned cat who was pregnant and decided to share it online. The pair decided something needed to be done so they rescued the kitty, who was rather special because she was a calico with a bobtail.