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8 Month Old Rescue Mama Cat Nurses 8 Kittens!

“I’ve been caring for an 8 month old mother cat with her 8 kittens. For the first week, her mothering instincts were almost next to non-existent. However, after the first week, she began to care more and more for her kittens, which came as quite a relief. At one point, I was afraid a couple were not going to make it without the additional help of their mother. For at one week and a day, two of them developed diarrhea. All kittens, including the mother, had to be put on an antibiotic. Now, thankfully, the diarrhea has seemed to have stopped – hopefully for good. I feel that as their foster parent, I must ensure that all kittens survive and achieve the healthy development that they deserve.
Note: This cat has been spayed now. She was found outside feral with a litter of kittens she could not take care of. She was not doing a good job and required a foster mother to raise her kittens. All kittens in the litter survived!
The mother was grey and all the babies came out calico colored!
The only boy in the litter is the black and white one with the goatee.” – Sage Uno