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21 Annoying Things Cats Take Pride In

Sure, cats are super adorable. They're cuddly, loving, and warm your heart with those big glistening eyes. But, they also have their "moments", where they seem to go out of their way to "challenge" us. Or to state it bluntly, when they go out of their way to be little jerks. And, they do it a lot more than once. And, there's no singling one or two cats out. This is all cats. It's just in their species. They take pride in making our living a little more difficult at times....and they know they're good at it...

Meowing when you’re asleep.

They’ll start with a little “mow?” And then crescendo to a “YYYOOOOWWEELLMMWMWWOOOWWWWW.” Such musical talent.

Knocking things off surfaces, especially when you’re asleep.

If they’re valuable or if they fall on you, it’s extra enjoyable for the lil’ kitties.

Destroying your furniture.

You might buy them a scratching post, but somehow your sofa always seems preferable.

Standing directly in front of the TV during crucial plot points.

Cats secretly just want to be constantly admired with all the attention on them.

Sleeping on your laptop when you’re trying to work.

It’s totally adorable and an absolute honour, but it still counts as dickish because it’s probably held you back in life.

Sitting on the one thing you need right now.

If you’re looking for anything always make sure you check under the cat.

Trying to eat your feet.

Don’t get a cat if you really enjoy having your feet peeking out the covers at night.

Completely ignoring your presence.

Especially when you’ve been away and you’ve been looking forward to a snuggle, but instead they’re really interested in the wall.

Getting in any suitcase as soon as you open it.

OK, this is adorable, but also very impractical.

Showing you their belly and there being a 50% chance it’s just a trick and they’re going to eat your hand.

But you can’t possibly resist that floof trap.

Yowling when their bowl isn’t completely full.

If they don’t yowl you might to forget to feed them ever again, or something like that.

“Accidentally” getting a human when they’re busy scratching the furniture.

You shouldn’t be in their scratching place, it’s too dangerous.

Bringing live vermin into your house.

And then usually getting bored before disposing of it.

Begging at the door for ages and then deciding that they don’t want to go outside after all.

They just want the door open at all times, just in case they decide they suddenly have the urge to go outside.

Spreading their litter around the house as much as possible.

They just think it’s such a lovely texture under paw.

Licking their butt in the middle of room, usually when you have visitors.

You’re glad they do it – you just wish they had a little modesty.

Intensely staring at people.

Cats aren’t good at personal space.

Being really ungrateful about all gifts you buy to try and make them love you.

They will always prefer the box.

Harassing you when you’re trying to eat.

It’s not your chicken, it’s their chicken, silly human.

Being seriously in the way, at all times.

Also destroying every other thing you love, as a side project.

Sitting on you when you really need a wee.

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