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These Puffy Cat Marshmallows Are The Cutest Things You’ll Ever Eat

These Adorable Cats are not pillows. If you love cats, chocolate, and marshmallows, you won’t want to miss Nyarshmallows! They are delicious and carefully crafted marshmallow treats made by Japanese retailer, Felissimo. They are chocolate filled and each treat is emblazoned with a cat’s face. They come in a variety of color/breeds. They sale for $21 for a 12 count box.
The marshmallows can be ordered from Felissimo’s website.
As you may imagine, Nyarshmallows have proven to be a popular item for Felissimo, so to celebrate the product’s one-year anniversary, the company is releasing some limited-edition Nyarshmallows that features new faces! And the slightly higher price tag of 3,040 yen (about $25).
Unfortunately, the limited edition doesn’t look like it’s available on their international store yet, unless you’re in Japan or using a reshipping service, you’ll have to settle for regular cute and fluffy marshmallows.
Either way these these will be the cutest bites you’ll ever take! Share with friends!
(h/t: Huffington Post)