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Woman Replaces Her Boyfriend With A Hairless Cat

Rylee Rae felt very alone when her and her boyfriend broke up. It wasn’t just the fact that he’d moved out. It was also the fact that when he left he took their hairless cats with him. It hit her really hard, and she couldn’t rid herself of that intense loneliness. She was definitely missing her cats a whole lot more, than her ex boyfriend.
One day she spotted a notice that said “Hairless Cat Found”. She immediately inquired within. What followed, was a true representation of love and friendship.
“The post was up for 20 minutes and I messaged them and was like, ‘Please let me love her unconditionally for the rest of her days,’ and they said, ‘Absolutely.’ “
Rylee named the cat Delores. She was having trouble in her previous home, as the other cats were bullying her.
“It was destiny,” Rylee said. “We are soul mates.”
Since Delores is completely hairless, she sleeps tucked under blankets at night.
“I’m a little worried about the winter months but I have my mother who is a fantastic knitter and is on the job to make us winter knits,” Rylee said.

“She is a real life chicken cherub angel sweetheart,” Rylee explained. “That’s what she is.”
It looks like these two will be together forever. They seem like the purr-fect match!
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Via We Love Cats And Kittens