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Woman Builds Cardboard Royal Castle For Her Princely Cat

It’s no secret that Cats love playing in cardboard boxes. Frances Ratner from New Zealand took the cardboard boxes to a whole new level.
You see, Ratner is very much in love with her 6-month old kitty, so she felt she deserved the very best of royal names — Prince Peachblossom.
Ratner retells his glorious adoption story of this royal kitty…
There is a mountain near my house with a lake at it’s summit. Once every hundred years, a single lotus flower blooms in this lake. Six months ago I journeyed up the mountain and waited for three days and three nights, until at last, on the third night, the clouds parted and a single beam of moonlight struck the lotus bud. It bloomed, and from within its petals emerged Peach, fully formed and fluffy. I took him home and have raised him as my own ever since.
This kitty’s mom just moved to a new house, and since she had a surplus of cardboard boxes, she decided to put them to the ultimate use. She constructed a cardboard castle for royal kitty, with all the bells and whistles.
“At first I was just going to stack up the boxes and cut holes in them for him to play in, but once I got started, my perfectionism took over and I couldn’t stop until I felt I had created a masterpiece worthy of His Majesty,” she said.
She doubled the cardboard on the footbridges to make sure they could support the kitten’s weight. “He only weighs a little less than 2kgs so it wasn’t too hard,” she said.

The construction of the palace took about five and a half hours. But, despite all the hours it took to build, Prince wasn’t too interested in his new playhouse. After some time, he started taking a liking to the house.
“He initially only played with it for ten minutes, but after I lured him back in with toys and treats he has started to enjoy it more, and I actually caught him napping on the balcony yesterday,” she said.
Ratner actually is a photographer, and she explained that passion for visual perfection thing led her to this creation. “I just love making things! I can’t sit and do nothing- I need to always be using my hands and my brain. Often I crochet or embroider or do elaborately iced cupcakes, but on this day, I had boxes, so i worked with them,” she told us.
Aside from enjoying the project, Ratner would do just about anything for her beloved Prince Peachblossom. “He’s the light of my life, he brings me so much joy every day, and every moment we spend together makes me a better person,” she said. “I’m honestly convinced that people who don’t love animals don’t have a soul.”
This castle was made with all the love in the world. And, the best part is it’s one of a kind. Share with friends!
(h/t : iheartcats )