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What Pregnancy Really Feels Like, As Told By Cats….Hysterical

Sometimes women that are pregnant or have been pregnant before, they can’t really summarize or define exactly what pregnancy is like. But, these cats can let you know exactly what it’s like. They’re not holding anything back. All the facts are on the table. They tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about being pregnant….Get ready to laugh until you fall to the floor….

Telling The Husband “No Sex”


Screw heat, screw August, screw everything. Why did I do this to myself?


First Trimester/Second Trimester/All Trimester barfs. AKA Why did no one tell me? NO ONE.


Who ate the last of the donuts? I’m always hungry…


They told me I would feel beautiful. AKA I’m near my due date and what is life?


Help I am grossly pregnant and I can’t get up AKA why did they not make life alert for rotund women like myself?


Why can I not swim in a pool of food and eat my way out?


I haven’t pooped in days. SEVERAL. DAYS.


Pregnancy brain is a hell of a … umm.. what’s it called? You put it in your body like air but it’s illegal.. No.. Not helium.. Let me get back to you on that.


Stranger rubbed my belly in public. (OH YEAH! IT WAS DRUGS IN #9!)


I am done… I am so done.


Why did I look up birthing videos. the poop. no one told me about the poop.


What is sleep?


How I feel dressing up for work everyday while extremely pregnant…


Did my water just break? What is that?

Well, there you have it folks, the truth, and nothing but the truth, thanks cats! Share with friends!