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What Is It With Cats, And Their Strange Obsession With Your Bathroom Time….?

So, what is it with cats and their obsession with bathrooms? Must they really guard us when we’re doing our business?! Or do they just like staring at us from the sink?
There’s plenty of theories behind this passion for the “loo”, but one will never truly know why they love it so much.
“My cat does this all the time. If I don’t let her in with me, she puts her paw under the door until she finds my foot to hold onto,” one reddit commenter wrote. “Sometimes I’ll put my hand down and we’ll hold ‘hands’ through the door, she purrs like mad when we do this.”
“This is painfully cute,” another commenter replied.
“Cats have that toddler mentality,” another wrote. “If you’re doing anything behind closed doors it means you’re having fun without them. They want in on it.”
Maybe the phrase “cool cats” goes into play , and they just want to be cool. And, then for a more literal theory, cats do like cool places, and tiled rooms are colder, which makes it perfect for furry felines.
Another theory circulating, is that cats just don’t like being excluded or ignored. So, they just bust on in, wherever you go.
The reason for this feeling of theirs’ is because they love routine. In the end, they are creatures of habit, they perform what is known as, “chaining behaviors”, which means they like to go through the motions of the daily grind with you.
But some behaviors don’t really have any explanation.

Like, when cats curl up inside empty underwear.
And, as you will see, this is a common passion of theirs’.
No doubt, cats make the most faithful bathroom companions. Share with friends!
(h/t: the dodo)