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Vet Brings Saddest Kitten Back To Life After Two Months Of Hard Work

A heroic vet just took in this poor kitty. He had the saddest face he had ever seen. He spent two months nursing him back to health.
The transformation is mind blowing.
Dr. Matt of Vet Ranch, a homeless animal rescue group, was the one who received this defenseless, sad little kitty. When he arrived, he had two badly infected eyes that were unsalvageable.
He was also infested with fleas and was very weak. “We don’t know his whole history. Someone just found him like this, probably abandoned by his mom,” Dr. Matt said.
They began nursing him back to health by giving him a bottle of food. The kitty of course devoured it. after that he was given a much needed bath to wash all those pesky fleas away.
But, the bath wasn’t enough to get rid of all the fleas. Dr. Matt had to use tweezers to pluck the tenacious fleas out one by one. After hours spent on cleaning this poor cat, he was finally starting to feel better.
The kitten even got to go home with Dr. Matt that night, so he could care for it, and treat him around the clock. Dr. Matt also gave him kitten formula in addition to his kitten food to help him strengthen even more.
The day he arrived, he could barely move. But, the next morning he was able to walk around and eat canned food on his own. He even stood up to greet Dr. Matt when he came to check on him.
After two weeks, the kitten grew stronger and bigger. The inflammation in his eyes also went away. His purrs got louder by the day, and he became more and more playful too.
By the 6th week at Vet Ranch, he was already healthy enough to undergo an eye surgery he needed, to prevent infection in his eyes.
They named him Mr. Peepers.

The day after the surgery, he was playful and eating well.
Mr. Peepers purred like none other as Dr. Matt held him.
“When you’re having a rough day, think about Mr. Peepers,” Dr. Matt said.
His rotten eyes were removed during surgery, and the next day he was loving and purring on everyone.
A true fighter indeed.
They also gave Mr. Peepers a friend to play with.
“He can’t see anything, he has no eyes, (but) they wrestle just like two normal kittens.”
Mr. Peppers can navigate and play like any other cat.
“He can hear and smell her. He knows who she is. He just runs and starts wrestling like a little kitten.”
Mr. Peepers has definitely come a long way. He’s shown he has a larger than life personality, and a huge appreciation for life itself.
He’s a ball of energy!
So, when you have a bad day, just think of what this kitty went through….and look at him now! Share with friends!