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Two Canadian Lynx Have An Intense Conversation

Talk about a very intense conversation! Two male lynx were captured on video making the strangest noises in the most dramatic stand-off for territory.

Nicole Lewis was driving near Avery Lake, which borders Ontario, Canada, when she came across two lynxes having a screaming match. It seems the two wild cats were having a meltdown of sorts. The video has many people discussing just how relatable the cat fight is, and how similar the sounds the cats are making are to fights their kids have or their own squabbles with siblings or spouses.

Lynxes are usually very private and are rarely seen by locals in the Dinorwic Region of Ontario, and there is a healthy population of the big cats in the region. Lynxes tend to be lone predators and are usually only seen together if its a mother and her young. Several wildlife biologists speculate the fighting cats were likely “claiming territory”.

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