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This Whole Litter Of Maine Coon Kittens Were ALL Born With Cute But Grumpy Faces

Well if you are here we know you love one thing and that’s kittens and we’ll make another educated guess that you like grumpy faced cats as well…because who doesn’t like funny cat photos? If we got that right then you are going to love a grumpy-faced kitten! Now what if there were five of them! Yes, a whole litter of five grumpy-faced kittens.

Now one of the best parts about this aww inspired litter of kittens is that they are maine coon kittens! Being the biggest domestic cat breed, Maine coons are one of the most popular majestic cats in the world and these grumpy faced litter of floofs are too delightful.

Catsvill County is a catery in Russia that recently shared photos of a new litter of Maine Coon kittens.

The cute fur balls quickly became the talk of the town. Not just because they are adorable fluffy kittens, but because of a note so subtle facial expression.

People were quick to say these little felines look an awful lot like grumpy old men.

Quite grumpy don’t you agree?

Look at this little grumper

The kittens all look quite similar too, it’s hard to tell them apart. Nevertheless, all of them are just as adorable!

It’s just too cute right? You need more: