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This Tiger Saves A Man From What Probably Was Going To Be An Ugly Leopard Attack

Eduardo Serio, a zookeeper at the Mexican Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation was playing with some of the lions when he was in for a little surprise. Behind him, a Leopard was starting to run at the zookeeper until a tiger intercepted him. It’s amazing how Eduardo understood exactly what happened with his back turned but luckily, it was all caught on video.

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico

Zookeeper Eduardo Serio was playing with the lions one day at the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico. The lions were enjoying the attention and appeared more like big house cats than deadly predators.

Right Behind Him

Right behind him, it’s a different story. The big tiger, Aztlan, changed positions to face the leopard that was hanging out in the background. You can spot the leopard in the top left.


Suddenly, the leopard, Dharma, starts stalking toward the group. Aztlan, sensing something is up and changes positions so he is ready to pounce.

Leopard Starts Running

The leopard starts running towards Serio and the lions. Before Serio has even registered what’s going on Aztlan springs into action.

Attack Foiled

Just as soon as Dharma starts running, Aztlan, the tiger comes to the rescue.


Serio still hasn’t realized the scene unfolding behind him as it’s all happening within a split second.


When Serio notices what’s going on, he quickly jumps up and turns around, dodging the oncoming leopard and the tiger who’s trying to stop it.

Bad Leopard

The tiger tackles the leopard right where Serio had been sitting. As Aztlan swats at Dharma, so does Serio. The zookeeper chastises the leopard for trying to attack.


He then turns to Aztlan, gives the tiger a pat, and thanks him for defending him. “Gracias.”

Full footage of the tiger defending a zookeeper

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