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This Cat Loves To Take Her Twin Toys For On Her Adventures

Meet Pixie, a beautiful 12 year old Tuxedo cat that lives with her human, Beth Wilson, in the UK. Like all cats, she loves going out and exploring everything around her. She is also in love with plush toys and inanimate birds and it would seem that she wants to share her little adventures with her toys too!

Little stuffed toy looks exactly like Pixie.

“If she notices that I’m watching her, she stops and puts the toy down.” But sometimes Wilson manages to snap a photo before Pixie notices.

“In summer she likes to take them into the garden,” Wilson explained. “Sometimes she just takes them for a tour and then back in the house. Other times, they get left in the greenhouse. If I put a blanket on the grass to sit on, she will put toys on it.”

“In winter she just carries them ’round the house,” Wilson said. “She might take several into one room.”

The little Lyon is one of her favorite toys.

Pixie adores playing outside.

Pixie has a ritual when the house cleaner comes. When she sees her, the cat brings her toys into her toy box, and as soon as cleaning is completed, she puts the toys all around the house.

Pixie’s escapades aren’t just for fun; they are influencing people around her in a very positive way. She completely changed her owner’s life. “I got her as a kitten 12 years ago,” Wilson said. “She totally changed my life…She takes care of me when I’m feeling bad and she always cheers me up.”

Credit: https://twitter.com/doodlebeth