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“They Say Cats Have 9 Lives… He’s Used 7 Of Them!”

Dwight is the foreman on a construction site and during his work shift he discovered an abandoned little kitten. It was freezing cold outside so in attempt to save the kitten’s life, Dwight rushed to the Planned Pethood clinic. It was touch and go as the vets tried to warm up the kitten’s body to give the him a fighting chance. They really weren’t sure if he was going to pull through.

Miraculously, the vets manage to help this little guy recover, and when he was well enough they would find him a forever home. They didn’t have to look far because Dwight, who had been visiting to see his progress, had grown quite affectionate for now named, Stanley and decided that he would be a great addition to his family!

You knew the moment stop the construction worker came back in to check on the kitten that he was gonna be taking him home! You could just see it in his face that he wanted him to be OK and that his life had changed because of the kitten!