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The Internet Discovers A New Way To Mess With Your Cat, And It Wins!

Cats are certainly very entertaining. But, guess what? They just got even more entertaining! This “square game” is one that has become a trend amongst cat owners. It all started on Twitter. A cat owner tweeted a clever cat experiment, and cat owners everywhere started trying it. The experiment consisted of making a square out of tape. Then, keep an eye on your cat. He or she will instantly become attracted to it, and go sit right inside the square, with no further movement. These are just some of the results across the internet….

On Monday, Twitter user Danielle Matheson tweeted an exchange she said she’d had with her mother.┬áMatheson’s mother had discovered a trick on the internet. She was told if she put a square on the floor, her cat would get into it.


It totally worked!


Matheson’s mother’s text inspired others to try out the trick on their own cats.


It worked super well for a lot of them.



~Surprisingly~ some cats refused to cooperate.


According to actual science, cats probably enter the square because it looks like a new territory, and they want to explore.


But whatever the reason is for the special relationship between cats and squares…


…one thing is for certain.


This is a very blessed Twitter thread.

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(h/t: Buzzfeed )