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Stray Cats Having An Absolute Blast Playing In Drain Pipe Holes

Nyan Kichi is a Japanese photographer who spends his time photographing stray cats. He sincerely enjoys spending time with them. The cats know him well, and enjoy his company very much. Ryan’s favorite place to photograph with the cats are in a special spot which is full of magical holes. There, the cats showcase their very playful personalities to the max.
These stray cats obviously don’t have any toys. So, they have to find ways to make their own fun. Hence, the game of jumping in and out of the drain pipe holes.
You’d think they’d get bored after a while, right? No. They don’t.
The clever cats have turned the jumping in and out of the holes into an Olympic sport. They’re leaping is unreal….
They dive into the holes….
… pop right back out again …
They keep an eye on one another to verify when it’s their turn again. This is like going to Disney World for them.

Their photographer friend adores watching them play. He especially loves seeing how competitive they get. They are the cat version of the game Whack-a-Mole.
But, once the toy hammer comes out, they’re not too fond of their photographer friend 🙂
Sometimes, they get tired, and decide it’s time to just lounge around.
But, after a little break, they get right back into it. Practice makes perfect, right? Especially in their version of the olympics….drain hole jumping.
This guy clearly hasn’t mastered his skills just yet 🙂 Share with friends!
( h/t: The Dodo )