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Stray Cat With Unique Face Begs Her Rescuer To Keep Her, And She Wins

This tiny stray kitten with the most unique face markings was found at a construction site. She was then found by someone, and begged them to keep her. Of course, the woman melted.
Meet Lily The Rorschach Cat!
When Lily was found, she was found along with her sister. They were both just days old at the time.Their other siblings didn’t survive.
The woman who found them, took them into her home, and nursed them back to health.
The woman found Lily’s sister a good home, but she kept Lily because she just couldn’t part with her.
After all, who could resist that perfect Rorschach pattern on her face?!
Now, Lily is all grown up! She’s five years old, with a huge personality.
Lily is quite special. Not only does she have unique markings, but she is also cross-eyed. So, basically she is just extra cute 🙂
Here’s Lily just relaxing in her new home…

Perfectly enough, the spots on her face are placed in perfect symmetry. Then, her tail is completely black and the rims of her ears also share the same pigment.
She loves to watch her mom get ready in the morning.

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