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Stray Cat Found on Porch Gives Birth To Seven Furballs

A pregnant mama cat was found living in a back porch in the middle of winter. In addition to being pregnant, the mama cat was also caring for kittens from her previous litter. Kitty Kitty Rescue was called and the mama cat soon gave birth to a litter of 7 adorable little kittens!
Missy, from Here Kitty kitty Rescue says: “Luckily, we were able to take the mother and one of the older babies to our facility. The other older baby already had a home waiting for her. We waited anxiously for the babies to be born. When the mother, Lottie, went into labour we stayed by her side to make sure everything went well. It was about 1/2 way through the delivery we noticed most of the kittens did not have tails!”
Four out of the seven kittens that Lottie had given birth to had no tails or just little stubs, they were part Manx.
These little furballs are growing up so fast!
Momma will stay by their side nurturing the little ones.
All seven of the kittens have now been adopted, including their older sister.
Lottie was very malnourished at the time but take a look at her now!

Lottie is still waiting for her forever home and we hope it won’t be much longer!
You can find out more about Here Kitty Kitty Rescue here
(h/t: We Love Cats and Kittens)