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Shelter Kitty Won't Let Go Of Her Best Friend When Adopted, And Then Something Happens…

Is it possible to find your soulmate at the shelter? These cats think so! They found one another at the shelter and are completely in love!
Meet Louie and Luna!
When these two kitties met at the STAR Rescue in Gainesville, FL, they began to cuddle. One of them arrived at the shelter alone, and she clung to her best friend and wouldn’t let go.
“Luna is a brown and orange Maine Coon and Louie is an orange tabby,” – James.
“When we adopted them, they were extremely close off the bat. They liked each other more than they liked us.”
Before James found these two love birds, he and his girlfriend went to the shelter to look for a dog, but ended up taking the two inseparable kitties home.
“We went in looking for a dog but we live in an apartment and both work full time jobs that keep us away from home a lot and dogs require a lot more attention,” said James.
“So we decided that getting a cat would be the better route, because I’ve had cats my whole life and I knew what it took to house one and everything.”
“My girlfriend saw Luna and fell in love. We went back two weeks later and she was still there.”
The couple just couldn’t leave the shelter without the little torbie girl that day. But, Luna was not leaving without her best friend.

The couple decided to “foster” Louie so Luna could have a companion when she was adopted.
When they arrived home with Louie, it was very clear that these two buddies were completely attached at the hip.
“We couldn’t let go of Louie after seeing how ‘at home’ they both were together.”
Eventually, Louie became a permanent part of the family. Now, the two will remain together, always.
“They love to take care of each other and nap together. They do everything together,” said James.
“Rescue cats are more appreciative of their adoptive owners, especially the ones that have been in shelters for extended amounts of time.”
These cats are attached at the hip, heart, and soul.
“They’ve spent the past few days just laying around our Christmas tree,” and giving each other kisses.
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