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Rescue Kitten Changes Life Of Boy With Anxiety Problems

This is a sweet story, with a “happily ever after” of a boy and a cat. The boy suffered from anxiety issues, and as soon as the cat came into his life, his anxiety was no more. The cat brought tranquility with him, and has rid the boy of his panic attacks. In essence, the cat is a form of therapy for this boy. He spends his days smiling and at ease with the cat.
This tiny 3-week old foster kitten walked up to a 7-year old boy and took the role of being his guardian angel.
A woman by the name of Selena, and her family, foster mother cats with kittens. But, there are rules — they cannot keep any so they can continue fostering more animals in need.
But then came along a 3 week-0ld kitten, and fell in love with their son. He gave him the biggest smile when he was in distress, and they knew they just had to keep them together.
“I have a son who suffers from high anxiety and mood disorder,” Selena told Love Meow. One of the kittens they were fostering at the time decided she would become his little guardian angel.

Jonathan had his first anxiety panic attack at 7 years old. “The smallest out of the seven kittens walked right up to him and climbed on him right away,” Selena told Love Meow.
“He stopped in his tracks and got the biggest smile on his face.”
Zenawell, the tiny kitten, could hardly walk, but she was able to bring so much comfort to the little boy.
“That day Zenawell never left his sight, and when he is scared she is right there meowing at him climbing on him and clinging to dear life to him.”

“He has some anxiety problems but you give him his kitten and you see a different child. She is my therapy kitten for him.
“My son now has a friend for life and also his anxiety is hardly there.”
Zena has helped him through his hard times and is his closest friend. The rules went out the window when they saw their bond.
“One day he was very sick and she sat with him all day.”
“She brings out the best in him and now when he cries she runs up against him or starts paw patting his leg, that’s when they wrap themselves around but she never uses claws,” Selena told Love Meow.
“Zena is all grown up and still knows how to comfort my son and other cats.”
“She will do anything to stop him from crying and she is not scared of him when he gets anxious. She gets right in there and do what she can to stop him.
“She is my little savior and we are so lucky to have her.”

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