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Piglet, The Cat With The Cutest Little Pig Snout In The World

Okay, before you proceed…we have to warn you this kitty is extremely cute. So, get ready to melt into a puddle as you read on 🙂 This is Piglet…the Super Cat. This little girl has a cleft upper lip, which make her little nose look like a tiny snout.
Piglet was a rescued cat. Her orphaned littermates also got rescued when they were just a couple days old. They were all delivered to a group of vet techs who lovingly bottle fed them around the clock.
Once she was healthy, and strong, Piglet went on to live in her Forever home with her new mom, who is also a vet tech.
According to her mom, Piglet’s cleft lip is purely aesthetic. “She has a cleft lip but her palate is 100% normal.”
Since Piglet’s mom is a vet tech, she was able to make sure her unique look was nothing to worry about.
“I am a vet tech so she has seen many different vets and specialists and they all say she should be normal and no surgical repairs will need to be made.”
Piglet will now be celebrating her first birthday, and thanks to her human mom, and vet tech friends, she has grown into a beautiful and healthy kitty 🙂 Share with friends!