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Mother Cat Leads Her Rescuer to Her Injured Baby

A stray mother cat was able to persuade a rescuer to let her back out so she could lead her to her babies.
A woman in Port Coquitlam near Vancouver, Canada, saw a mother cat with two kittens emerging from a garage. The kind lady took the little family inside but then the mother was very insistent on being let back out. Once the door was open she went straight back to the garage and one by one brought out five more kittens!
The lady decided the best thing to do was to call VOKRA for help and now this big kitty family is in good hands at their foster home. Soon after they took in the furry family, they noticed that one of babies walked a bit differently.
Maria, who is caring for the kittens says: “Mom is very sweet and her mix of babies are likely no more than 4 weeks old. Unfortunately one little guy has a very damaged back leg and is missing his foot. The wound has been there for awhile and is infected, but with some TLC he’ll hopefully be able to live a normal life.”

Caring for little kitten with the bad leg requires dipping his leg in a special liquid to help the baby heal.
Because of his amazing silver fur they’ve been lovingly calling him Long John Silver! And even though he’s missing part of his back leg nothing can slow him down!
The little kitty is doing so much better now, take a look at this video, he’s even started practicing walking with just three legs.

You can visit VOKRA’s website here
(h/t: We Love Cats and Kittens)