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Miracle, The Cat Who Got Trapped In A Revolving Door, And Brought Back To Life

Miracle was not always this cat’s name. She was given that name after her life was saved by an ER doctor. The stray cat had been entering a hospital’s revolving door, when she got stuck. Hall Akyürek, an ER doctor at the hospital, quickly performed CPR in the hospital lobby, and brought her back to life. With some time to recover the traumatic event, the cat was her regular self again. The doctor named her Miracle, and saved her a second time by adopting her, and giving her a forever home.

A stray cat attempted to get into a hospital when it got stuck in a revolving door


The feline was in agony and couldn’t breathe, so the staff at the hospital rushed to help her


ER doctor Halil Akyürek (right) was among them and was ready to fight for the kittie’s life


“[I] properly removed her from the door. We immediately began CPR”


Then the doctor put an oxygen mask on the cat and gave her medicine


Finally, the cat was brought to life and named Miracle


The kind doctor Akyürek decided to adopt the stray, so now the kittie has a loving home

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(h/t: Imgur )