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Meet Scruffles, The Cat That Has No Idea Why Chicks Are Going Crazy Over Him

Meet Scruffles, the fat kitty who has amassed quite the impressive of following with 57k Instagram followers but lets talk about the chickens that line up to watch him pose. Yes, that is correct, other than lying around doing nothing all day, this particular chubby cat likes to pose for his flock of chicks. Through a glass door, these chickens marvel at the spectacle of Scruffles. He doesn’t understand why they’re so obsessed with him, but we sure can. You can’t help but take a peek at this fluffy guy with his diva-like personality.

Meet Scruffles, the fat cat who has more admirers than you – and it’s not his 57k followers


It’s the audience of chickens who line up to see him through a glass door and marvel at the spectacle


Now the cat spends his lazy days wondering why the birds are so obsessed with him


Is it his fluffy glory? Is it the shape of his body? Or maybe his diva-like personality?


The truth may never be certain, but one thing is for sure…


Who wouldn’t line up to get a glimpse of this kitty just like those chickens?


#Chunkyemployed again!!?

Here’s a video of the meet and greet

You can follow and see more of Scruffles adventures on Instagram!