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Man Saves Over 300 Homeless Cats After Losing His Son in an Accident

A man who lost his son, has saved over 300 homeless cats, determined to give them a good life, in honor of his late son.
He’s a retired train conductor from Long Island, NY. He wants to give as many cats as he can, the good life they deserve.
Chris Arsenault started his adventure of rescuing cats in 2006, after his 24-year-old son Eric, lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident. One day he randomly came across a colony of 30 sick kittens, and it just clicked in him that he had to help them.
From that day on, he wanted to remove all the kittens from the colony, and nurse them back to health.
He turned his home into basically, a sanctuary for cats. That was the moment he got his calling. So, he opened Happy Cat Santuary.
“I wanted to do something good with my life,” he said. “This sanctuary is in memory of my son.”
Now the sanctuary is home to around 300 rescue cats, and each one comes with a different story.
“We have saved cats from terrible hoarding situations, from condemned homes, and even from gangs who try to trap them for use as bait in dog fighting rings,” the sanctuary said.
Chris has been involved in many projects to keep all the sanctuary kitties happy and comfortable. Everything from cat doors to towering heated outdoor structures. Even an area where the cats can watch chickens as their daily entertainment.
“All cats are neutered, have access to vet care, and are regularly brushed and given lots of love and attention. Cats and kittens are available for adoption.”
These happy cats are enjoying their jungle cat gym!

They always knows when it’s dinner time!
“Like clock work, waiting for wet food!”
The sanctuary was set up with structures, ramps, and perches, but they also created paths for all the cats to get their food, litter boxes, and water.
During the winter months, cats make their way into the house to stay warm. But if the cats decide to stay outside, there are heated structures to keep warm.
Bedtime is when the cats all try to squeeze in Chris’ room to cuddle with him.
“It’s unconditional love, you know, the cats they just know that you’re helping them,” he told CBS NY.

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