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Man Finds Tuxedo Cat With Truly The Most Incredible Mustache You'll Ever See…

This handsome tuxedo cat came to a family with the most perfect mustache they had ever seen.
Meet Dali the cat!
Dali was a young kitten when they found him among his siblings.
And, if you think he stands out now, you should have seen him when he was tiny. He was born with a perfectly shaped handlebar mustache.
And of course, the personality matches the state 🙂
Dali is a relaxed cat.
He enjoys relaxing along with his human family. He’s always happy, and a true gentleman.
That white mustache on the black coat, amazing!
Dali looking oh so dapper!
He’s also a very alert and aware cat. He’s always making sure his humans are well protected.

It’s hard work having the cat world’s most perfect mustache!
Dali and his proud dad. They both love their mustaches! Dali loves his human.
This is Dali’s brother. Two very good looking cats. They’re inseparable.
Dali is a very classy kitty, with his permanent tuxedo, purrfect stache and a big heart.
All this cat needs is a bow tie, and he will be all set with his “outfit”! Share with friends!
(h/t: Love Meow)