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Man Discovers His Cat Has Quite The Hilarious Talent…

A tuxedo cat by the name of Keys, has a very entertaining talent that not only makes his family laugh every time. But, also anyone that comes across it.
Meet Keys aka the Goal kitty.
Her owner, Peter Mares from California discovered her funny talent by accident. Which makes it even better!
Peter had noticed one morning that quickly tossed her paws up in the air, like if she were stretching. He quickly grabbed the camera and captured the hilarious moment. The following day she did it again, and she was quickly rewarded with her fave treat.
“She has come to recognize the camera, and does these ‘goal hands’ whenever she sees it,” said Peter
Every time she receives a treat, he says the magic words, “I know what you want.”
That triggers Keys’ excitement. When she hears that phrase, she’s quick to throw her paws up and gets in her “goal” position.
“Every time I pop out my camera and say the magic (phrase), she poses,” he told HuffingtonPost.
After Keys’ pictures became viral on the internet, many people began to photoshop her funny posed into variously silly scenes. Hence, making Keys even more famous.
She looks just like a goalie trying to block out an incoming ball. So much determination and excitement!

Now Keys makes all of her human followers on Instagram, smile daily with her goalie paws.
Keys should be the mascot for FIFA 🙂 Share with friends!