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Man Broken Hearted From A Breakup Finds Stray Kitten Meowing Outside His Door For Help…

A man was left with a heavy broken-hearted after a recent breakup. While walking out the door of the laundry room with tears running from his eyes, he noticed a tiny little ginger kitten right in front of him, meowing for help.
“I found the cat outside my second story apartment. As I was opening my door on the way to the laundry I saw him against the railing. His eyes were caked with dried pus so I thought he was blind,” – MK.
It was during a very hot summer day and the kitty darted inside the apartment to escape the weather. The man then decided to bring him a bowl of cold water to help him cool down. He didn’t have any cat food so he tore up some fajita meat and added it to the water. The kitten happily ate it all.
“His name is Fajita because it was the first meal we shared,” he went on to say.
“After I noticed a sneeze I decided to take the kitty to the vet and went on Facebook to get suggestions from my friends.”
As he was out buying a carrier from the store, the kitty waited for him and never left his place.
“I had to earn the cat’s trust to get him in the carrier but when we were alone together waiting for the vet to come into the room, we bonded,”
Fajita’s eyes were totally crusted shut due to conjunctivitis and he also had a upper respiratory infection. He was very underweight for his age and came without a microchip. They went ahead and cleaned his eyes and put him on antibiotics which allowed him to finally see clearly again.

After the vet visit, Fajita was very tired and a bit stressed from the long trip. He hopped right up on his human’s lap and sat down comfortably there as if he claimed that spot as his throne.
“I looked down and asked, ‘Do you want to be my cat?’” The kitty responded with a meow. “I broke into tears.”
Fajita was sick and homeless when his human was still devastated from a broken heart. They truly found each other and rescued one another.
“I was feeling so alone and lost after the breakup. His little meow filled my heart with love again.”
(h/t: HappyCats)