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Mama Cat Brings Her Injured Kitten To Couple For Help

There are an estimated 70 million feral cats in the United States alone and most of them have very little interaction with us humans. Sadly, many of them have very short lives even though there are many dedicated individuals who do what they can to help them through their tough times.
Jamie and her boyfriend are a couple who helped a local feral cat by putting out food for her, one day she came to them with something much more urgent. She had brought them her kitten and Jamie could immediately see that there was something wrong with him. On a closer examination it appears that the kitty’s hip may be broken.
This mama cat felt that she could trust Jamie and left the injured kitten with her. They would name him Milo, he was soon taken to the vets where they discovered he had a broken fibula and tibia. This was easily remedied with a cast and since then Milo has hardly left his adopted parents side. He is happy to be inside with the people that love and care for him.

His mother still visits regularly to be fed and Jamie hopes one day that she may have the courage to join little Milo inside.