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Kitty Is Baffled By Donut On The Kitchen Stand

The vastness of the world holds many wonders and we’ve barely scratched the surface. There are a lot of things we don’t know and there are a lot of things we’re just now finding out. We’re shooting for the stars but we have yet to discover the secrets hidden in the darkest depths of our oceans. And it’s all very normal.
Earthlings are curious creatures. That’s how we survive. That’s how we thrive on this planet. The things we’re familiar with don’t have to be the things others know about and vice versa. So it comes as no surprise that this confused feline is wary of a harmless Krispy Kreme donut sitting on the kitchen counter.
Simon the cat has a problem comprehending the use and purpose of this sugary goodness. It’s his first time encountering one and he has a hard time holding on to his curiosity. He tries to probe the donut with his outstretched paw, but retreats at the last minute out of fear. Eventually, he gets the courage he needs to touch it, and tries it out a few times for the feel of it. Don’t worry, he won’t eat it, but he will gladly check it on his to do list, under the task “fight a donut”. Super cute!