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Kitten Crawls Up To A Man Meowing For Love While He Is Fishing

A man was out fishing by the lake when a tiny little furball came along with a very interesting request.
And with a face like this, how could anyone say no!?
Jason, the man fishing, was very surprised when the kitty scampered by and started meowing for his help. The little fluffball then proceeded to climb into his bag.
“She walked up to me and also a close friend as we were fishing. She attempted to go across a 2 lane country highway to the other side of the street where we were,”
They would later on find another kitty that appeared to be her sister. They thought that they were abandoned. “( They were) also young to be separated from the mom.”
They could not just leave the kitties there so brought them home with them!
The gray kitten particularly liked Jason and followed him around like a duckling. Jason took the little kitten into his house and found one more family to adopt her sister.
As soon as he grabbed the kitty, the little hair baby nuzzled right into his arms as well as wouldn’t let go.

She holds on to her rescuer for cuddles, offseting shed love.

In the house the kitty was so appreciative to have somebody to take care of her that she didn’t whine while getting a bath.

“She’s doing excellent currently, consuming like a champ, already doing well with cat clutter, and we have actually de-flea ‘d her as best we can due to the fact that she’s so young and little there aren’t any type of anti flea medications we could safely make use of,”

Short video of the kittens:

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