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Italian Coast Guard Saves Drowning Kitten

These guys are heroes with a great heart! An Italian coast guard successfully gave CPR to a motionless kitten which was pulled out of the Mediterranean Sea. A group of children spotted the kitten floating in the water near the port of Marsala in southern Italy and immediately notified the Italian Coast Guard.

A crew member dived into the water to retrieve the “lifeless” kitty and started performing mouth-to-mouth and gentle chest compressions. After a few minutes the kitten showed signs of life. They could see the kitten was breathing and began to expel water before finally letting out a faint meow!
Once they reached land the kitten was immediately to a veterinarian were he was nursed back to health. The coast guard members were so touched by this kitty that they decided to adopt him. They gave him the name Charlie and he now lives at the Port Authority.
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