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Injured Kitten Is Completely Transformed and Comforted When He Wears Doll Clothing

This little guy was found with severe wounds on his back, and the only thing to comfort him was, wait for it….American Girl Doll clothes!
Now, he purrs in delight when he has them on.
It was quite apparent when this tiny ginger kitten arrived at Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association, that he needed immediate medical care, and a whole lot of TLC.
“He had been found as a stray by a local resident in our county. He was in very bad shape with URI and oozing wounds all over his back and some on his belly,” said Noah’s Ark.
Although he arrived scrawny, starving, and exhausted, he kept purring whenever the staff or vet tried helping him.
“Our amazing veterinarian, Dr Falduto had to remove some of his fur to really get to his wounds and be able to clean and treat them good. Falduto determined the kitten had come into contact with acid and he also treated his URI.”
Despite the nightmare this kitty had endured, he still continued to show love and crave attention. Because of good-hearted personality, he was given the name Courageous.
“Courageous is quite the suckler, kneader and he loves to purr,” said Noah’s Ark.
At first when he was recovering, he spent most of his time snuggling away with Kim Riddle, Executive Director. As she worked at her desk, he’d knead on the comfy blanket, as he purred away.
With all the love Courageous was getting, he regained his strong appetite, beat the respiratory infection and healed up very nicely. Riddle decided to take him home, and foster.
When the youngest daughter of the family, McKenzie met Courageous, she knew she wanted to do something that would make the kitten feel more comfortable. So she came up with an idea.
You see, McKenzie owns a few American Girl doll shirts, and Courageous just so happened to be about the same size as her doll. She thought that maybe the clothes might provide the comfort and warmth the kitten needed.

She put a shirt on Courageous, and she instantly started to purr. He was so comfy in his new outfit that he fell asleep next to the doll.
Courageous never took any of the attention given to him, for granted. He enjoyed having a big family.
“He has made leaps and bounds, purring all the way!” the foster family said. “His hair has grown back, but be prepared, he still likes to suckle quite a bit.”
Several weeks after they had found Courageous, he evolved into the happiest, healthiest kitty ever!
Needless to say, he keeps on purring and has so much love to give.
This kitty is probably asking Santa for a bunch of dolls this Christmas, JUST so he can steal all their clothes 🙂 Share with friends!