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If Cats Could Give Life Advice To Other Cats, It Would Go Something Like This…

Do you ever look at your cat, and think, “what a wise a**” ? Do you feel that your cat walks around like they know more than you? If you do, that means you indeed have a wise cat. A cat that knows all the tricks, and trades of the game. It makes you wonder, if they could speak, what knowledge/advice would they pass onto other cats who may just be starting out in this thing called “cat life”. It would probably go a little something like this….

There is almost nothing that stuffing yourself deep into the couch won’t solve.


Adventures are necessary for staying cultured.


Sometimes you have to take a moment during the day for yourself.


It’s important to get enough rest…like, maybe 16 hours a day?


Don’t get upset with the dog when he disregards your personal space…


…or get creative in avoiding him.


Constantly stretch your limitations — and your paws.


Don’t be afraid to have frank conversations about what you want (i.e. more wet food.)


Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll catch another mouse.


Get out and make new friends from different backgrounds — and possibly different species!


Don’t worry so much about how you look. Being photogenic isn’t everything.


Spend quality time with those you care about — even if you don’t understand them half the time.


Lastly, never lose confidence, because confidence is key (to getting treats.)

Hmm, based on your cats’ behaviors and attitudes, do these sound pretty accurate? Share with friends!