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Hilarious Moment Office Workers Realize They’re Being Spied On By A Cat

Office workers watch out! Your bosses have found a new clever system to monitor your productivity. No, cameras were sooo last year…and no they are not bribing your coworkers to report them about your two hour long lunch disappearances. They are using CATS to spy on you!
Think we are joking? Scroll down below and you’ll see the proof for yourself. The pictures were posted by Japanese Twitter user @omocha_no_uma after a coworker sent them to him at work. Fortunately the word is spreading like wildfire because the pictures already been shared more than 82k times by office workers who want to alert others of this sneaky new form of surveillance. Join the cause and warn your others about cat monitoring systems hiding in the ceiling next time you are in the office. Your coworkers will thank you for it…that is unless they think you are crazy. 

“Is it a new way to monitor our productivity and spy on us?”

And of course…because it’s the internet there is already a Photoshop Battle:

BB-8 Cat!


Catmare At 20,000 Feet


Spy Cat


Space Cat


What If…


Little Did We Expect To Catch A Cat In Mid Air

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(h/t: rocketnews24)