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Heroic Road Worker Brings Drowning Kitten Back To Life And Adopts Her

Metin Keskin, a road worker saved a drowning kitten during a flash flood in Istanbul, Turkey. Using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation he was able to bring the kitten back to life.

Keskin came across the kitten when he and his coworkers were sent to clear away floodwaters. The tiny stray kitten was being swept away by heavy rains and was headed for certain death, when he spotted her and decided to intervene. She appeared motionless, lifeless, and it was starting to look dire.

However, Keskin wasn’t going to give up without atleast trying everything he could to save the poor little kitten. Right there on the street, he knelt over her and decided to try mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, in hopes of reviving the little kitten.

Keskin began with chest compression on the kitten’s chest and breathed a few gentle breaths into her mouth. He also massaged her little body to help get the water out of her lungs while warming her up slowly.

After a few tense minutes, everyone cheered in sheer joy and excitement when they saw a sign of life. The kitten expelled the water through his mouth and let out a weak little meow.

Keskin rushed the kitten to an animal hospital where she was nursed back to health and made a full recover. This wouldn’t be the last time Keskin would see the kitten because he decided to give her a furrever home by adopting her.

“She becomes our kitten now, and I’m so happy,” Keskin told reporters at a press conference at the animal hospital.

Thank you Keskin and your heroic efforts! We are very happy to know that she is now safe and warm in new home.

Watch the full video of the rescue here:

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