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Ginger Cat Finds Identical Kitten, And Raises Him As His Own

Evin should have changed his name to Mickey, because he and Minnie the cat, have been inseparable since they met.
“My boyfriend (Jesse) is a dairy farmer. Evin was the sweetest barn cat and Jesse fell in love with him. He brought him home for me for Christmas ’14. ” – Jessica Ryan
“And then we found Minnie’s litter and couldn’t resist him since he was a mini version of Evin! Since then we’ve worked diligently to catch the barn cats and get them each fixed. So there’s no more litters.”
After Minnie moved into his new home, Evin took to him immediately.
Minnie became quite attached to Evin. He wouldn’t go anywhere without him.
The ginger boy was completely infatuated. He followed his little twin around every where he went. Evin cleaned him and gave him all the love in the world.
Sometimes Evin wanted some privacy but Minnie was not giving it.
He wanted to be where Evin was at all time.
“He doesn’t care if there’s room for him or not.”
“Evin is super laid back and lovey. Minnie is wild, always jacked up running around the house like a maniac. We have to play with him hard before bed! They love to wrestle.”
“They literally are side by side all day every day.”

Evin has taught Minnie that when the humans pack before a trip, hop into the suitcase to make them stay.
Waiting by the window when they see their mom pull into the driveway.
Evin helps his Minnie figure out this cat mat.
Bed time!
Minnie has now grown to be half the size of Evin. It’s been over a year since they found each other. They are still inseparable.
“They’re wonderful. The little loves of my life!”
These guys are like the Buzz and Woody of the cat world 🙂 Share with friends!