A 5 year old cat, that looks “depressed” finally find his new home due to a viral tweet that shares his picture in Petfinder profile.It’s wonderful to hear that Fishtopher was able to find a loving home after his profile went viral!

Fishtopher’s picture and the “depressed” description from his petfinder listing were shared by a twitter user. With 169,300 likes, the tweet gained popularity and attracted a large following on social media.

Right after seeing the tweet about him she Laura folts and her boyfriend got interested in adopting fishtopher, so they drove 2 hours to meet him and finally able to give him a new home.

After a week to his new home Fishtopher is now very comfortable and having fun with his new toy. Due to his popularity, the cat owner Folts started a twitter and instagram accounts dedicated to her new cat. A recent tweet from her said that she want to use Fishtophers popularity to hopefully help other cats that needs adoption.









Adopting a pet can be a rewarding experience for both the pet and the owner, and can provide both with a sense of companionship and love. Its important to remember, that pet ownership requires is a big responsibility and requires a significant commitment of time and resources. Before adopting a cat, It’s crucial to make sure that you are able to provide for the cat’s needs and are prepared for the challenges that come with pet ownership.


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