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Woman Does Newborn Photo Shoot With A Kitten And It Has Stolen Our Hearts

There is nothing quite like the excitement of bringing home a new bundle of joy into a household. Especially when it’s a new kitten!
Five year-old Amelie’s mother, Kitty Shuab is a professional photographer. She decided to document in pictures the happiness of her family’s new addition, when they adopted little Luna. Luna was a tiny black kitten who was in need of a loving home.
The two girls immediately formed a very special bond.
“Wherever Amelie is, the kitten is not far behind. They even sleep together!” Kitty Schaub, Amelie’s mother said. “Luna is now about 10 weeks old, and is either sleeping sweetly on someone’s lap, or terrorizing the dog and climbing in the plants.”
One day, while Kitty was preparing for a new photoshoot, she saw Luna sleeping on the cough and she got an idea. As she says, Luna sleeps almost all day long, so it wasn’t hard to prepare for the photoshoot. She started dressing the kitten with headbands and fabrics, and the results have been stunning. Kitty did a perfectly cute photoshoot of Luna, and it’s all we’ve all been longing for.

“I put her in a salad bowl from my kitchen, and everything turned out great,” Kitty says with a smile. “She was sleeping the whole time – we tried waking her up, but she was cozy in there and just slept. I don’t think she minded – she’d do just about anything you want if you pet her!”
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