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Driver Saves 'Kitten' from Middle of Road, But Discovers It's Not Just A Kitten…..

A kitten was found wandering about on the streets, when a few good people found her and immediately stopped the car. The driver even ran into oncoming traffic, hoping to save her life. Once they got close to the cat, they realized this was no ordinary kitten.
After one solid look at her, they realized that it was a wild cat with a short tail and feisty little personality.
“When this little bobcat was separated from her mom, and found in the middle of the road, good samaritans turned her in at a clinic in the middle of the state,” Big Cat Rescue wrote.
She was a bit on the underweight side, but otherwise was doing just fine.
Many times wild animals relocate after their natural habitats get developed. Sadly, during that the young wild cats easily get lost from their mother and siblings.
The exact reason how this bobcat kitten got separated from her group is unknown, but she get the chance she deserves to rehabilitate from the stress.
They named her Spirit Feather. Feather was a tribute to our blessed Little Feather, but this little bobcat showed us that Spirit just had to be part of her new name.”
Spirit Feather, at just 2 and a  half months old, will stay at Big Cat Rescue for three months before she’s ready to be released.
Spirit Feather was given a stuffed animal squirrel by the staff, to cuddle with when she naps. She was also given plenty of cardboard boxes for her to play with.
In just a few hours, she is capable of tearing up a large cardboard box. Wild little one she is!
Big Cat Rescue is continuing to educate the public about big cats. They also continue to help animals like Spirit Feather, rehabilitate and get back on their lives.
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