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Dragon And Cat Become Two Unlikely Best Friends

Say hello to Charles the female bearded dragon and Baby the cat, the dynamic duo showing true friendship can be forged against all odds. While Baby could easily harm Charles, he prefers to keep him safe by cuddling instead.
Charles is also there for Baby the cat when her fluffy friend is scared of thunder – Charles gently hugs the kitty to calm him down. When the two are not snuggling, they enjoy each other’s company by playing outside and looking through the window and guarding their home. Though Charles might be a bit territorial – he has stolen Baby’s bed once, “poor kitty went to sleep in a box,” writes the owner on Instagram – they’re best friends for life!
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Their owner thought that the cat would attack the bearded dragon when they first met


But all they do is cuddle!


House guarding together!


Charles is also there for the cat when he’s scared of thunder


Charles gently hugs her fluffball to calm him down


Though the cat could easily hurt Charles…


Baby prefers keeping her safe and sound by cuddling with his Toothless instead


They have the most amazing lunches together!


This dynamic duo proves that true friendship can flourish against all odds


There is also a video of Charles and Baby here: