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Disfigured Kitten Rescued From a Factory is Transformed by Love

Little Warrior was severely injured and rescued from a factory when he was taken to The Kitten Cottage rescue centre in South Africa. He had somehow got caught in one of the forklift trucks and was immediately rushed to a veterinarian. The wounds were extensive and unfortunately covered most of his body, he was bandaged up and placed on a heavy dose of antibiotics, and it seemed like a hopeless situation. Warrior, however, had no intention of giving up!
Over the weeks that followed, he fought with fierce determination. He had his bandages changed twice a day, hand-fed and was kept on medication for 3 weeks. Warrior seemed to gain super-kitten strength when we he was introduced to another kitten, Butterfly, who would become his new best friend. These two played together as Warrior continued to get stronger, and after about 4 months later Warrior fully recovers. He has now been adopted by a lovely couple and gets all the love he needs.

Little Warrior was found caught up in a machine at a factory, his wounds were severe and he required around the clock care


His tiny body was covered with injuries and the bandages had to be changed regularly


It was touch and go but despite the odds things started to look up


Warrior had the will and strength to push through


He was very brave even though his whole upper part of his body injured


That was how it was decided his name would be Warrior


A lot of time and money was spent on his recovery, but every little life counts


Many kittens come into The Kitten Cottage but this little guy stole everyone’s hearts


About 4 months later, Warrior has fully recovered


With an incredible transformation he now lives with a sweet couple who love him tremendously

Don’t you just love happy endings? Here’s to Warriors new forever home and hope he has a lifetime of love to give back. Share this story with your friends if you loved it!