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Daddy Cat Stays Glued To Mom Cat While Birthing His Kittens…Beautiful!

When it comes to birthing babies, the majority of the responsibility belongs to the mother. But, one cat daddy wanted to provide care, love and support. Fathers like this are amazing role models for everyone even when they are cats. Thuy Duong Panda from Vietnam shared a series of beautiful photos on Facebook of her Father cat, Yello, supporting the brand new mom cat, Tam The, during and after giving birth. Yello looks so comfortable in his new role, snuggling the kitties and cozying up with the mom that it could make anyone jealous of such love and devotion.
At first, this new dad, names Yello, looked stressed
So, Yello decided to stay next to the mommy cat’s side, the entire time. Never left.
He watched her have his four little kittens.
He was a proud father, and he was quick to cuddle with his new family.
He even let the new mom take a break at one point, and took over the baby cuddling…

Then mom returned for more family time 🙂
Needless to say, they have the parenting thing down.
This might be the sweetest cat family ever
And, it all started with true love 🙂 Share with friends!
(h/t: The Dodo | Facebook)