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Dad Gifts Cat With A Special "Lazy Ethusiast's" Tiny Hammock

This adorable cat belongs to Ana Beatriz Pinho. But, it’s Ana’s dad who’s really the cat’s number one.
The cat’s name is Pacoca. She lives in Brazil, and like every cat, enjoys the activity of doing absolutely nothing. Her favorite pastime is napping.
But, Pacoca, isn’t the only one in the family with a passion for relaxing. Ana’s dad also loves to lounge. So he came up with a really cute way for their hobby to bring them together. He got Pacoca the ultimate lazy-lover’s gift, a hammock.
“My God,” Ana wrote on Twitter when she saw it. “My father bought a hammock for Paçoca just so she could lie by his side.”

Now they enjoy lazy sessions together.
As for Pacoca, let’s just say she really appreciates her new gift.
Ana’s pictures of her cat in the hammock with her dad have become viral on Twitter. They are inspiring other cat owners to get hammocks for their furry friends.
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