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Cross-Eyed Cat Finds Love After Being Surrendered to Shelter

Meet the beautiful Belarus from San Francisco. This gorgeous cross-eyed kitty was surrendered to an animal shelter because his previous owners had to relocate and apparently couldn’t bring him with.

When the staff at the shelter first saw him they knew he was something special. Belarus has the unique trait of cross-eyes which makes him all the more intriguing. Not to mention, he’s also super friendly.

To help him find a new family, the shelter created an Instagram page with his photos. They wrote: “Love is not blind – it’s cross-eyed.”

A woman named Rachel was looking to adopt a kitty when she came across Belarus. She fell in love with his googly eyes and instantly contacted the shelter to adopt him. When Belarus saw Rachel for the first time he snuggled up to her as if he was ready to go home!

He soon became a pampered baby in his new home as Rachel showered him with all the love in the world. What a lucky family to be able to offer this worthy cat a home to match. You can see what Belarus is currently up to on Instagram