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Company Hires Two Shelter Cats to Help Rescue Their Employees

These two shelter kitties came to a company to help their employees, and spread a lot of love and cuddles.
Meet Chomsky and Pirate!
Memrise, a company based in the UK, was trying to figure out a way to help their employees reduce stress and improve performance. They considered adopting a shelter kitty. They were in hopes to have a cat be the company’s mascot, but ended up with two instead. They were inseparable.
“Pirate and Chomsky were adopted from the shelter about a year ago. They were super shy and super scared at the beginning,” said the company.
“The whole Memrise team has given them so much love and care that they have become the biggest joy of the day for so many people.”
Every day they wait for their human colleagues by the entrance, “monitoring the approaching speed of morning shift waitress and calculating the earliest breakfast serving time.”
The cats are quick to flop down in front of walking employees, in order to gain attention.
Chomsky likes to stand guard, and make sure the humans are doing all their work correctly.
“Plates are empty. I repeat: Plates are empty.”
Here is the 3 legged black panther kitty sneaking up from under a chair, signaling for a good belly rub.
They know their human colleagues will come to the pantry for their morning pick-me-up.
Chomsky awaits their presence at the coffee station and demands a few cuddles.

They keep a firm eye on their human friend’s diets, sitting by the table and give their opinions after a few mandatory sniffs.
Here is Chomsky, judging a colleague’s breakfast.
Pirate may only have three legs, but he acts like he has 12! Jumps and balances just like any other cat can.
“How much handsomeness can one room take? Quite a lot, as it looks.”
The two siblings grew up in the office and love every single person that works there. They’re all family.
They’re always there when their human needs some love or a cuddle after a stressful day of work.
Thanks to these cats, this is probably the most peaceful workplace! Share with friends!